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Oct 11, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, mr. buster posey's grand slam in the 5th inning, which conveniently crashed right near matt. dennis o'donnell will have more coming up in sports. >> right now, we are talking weather, because for the third night in a row, weather moved across the bay area. this time we have rain to talk about. roberta. >> look what happened. in the last 30 minutes, the skies are cloudy. it's still breezy. it's still cool. but our live doppler suggests that we are now beginning to dry up. that is not so much the case in the overnight hours. we'll see a lot of unstable air mass, producing a light, scattered showers. random from the north bay to the eastern portion of our bay area. this is your friday afternoon when we finally begin to see some peeks of some sunshine. now, there's a big change in store for your weekend. we'll pinpoint that coming up later in this broadcast. >> thanks roberta. >>> if you have a new iphone, you have a privacy problem. it's a sneaky way for advertisers to track your phone use and know the solution is not in your privacy settings. we'll show you how to turn it off. >> i
Oct 9, 2012 10:00pm PDT
right, the other big headline tonight, bay area baseball lives to see another day and dennis, both teams did what they had to do. win. it's that simple. >> live to see another day. it's not the quantity of the hits, it is the quality. both bay area teams did what they had to do to keep hope alive. the a's leading 1-0 over detroit, prince fielder took him deep. a chance to tie the game up. look at cocoa crisp. he took a home run away from the prince. i mentioned only two runs for oakland. this was one of them. the a's win 2-0 and they force a game for tomorrow in oakland. runs at a premium for the giants as well in cincinnati. while this wasn't exactly cocoa- like. hunter made a brilliant number in foul territory and slams into the wall. giants game was tied at 1-10. walking areas hit a ground ball. too hot to handle. that score is buster posey. game four tomorrow. barry zito on the hill for san francisco. >> i'm liking it now. yeah, feeling like the worm has turned. >> and there's something magical about those oakland a's fans. good stuff. i'll have more coming up. >> we'll see you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2